Introduction to Connect Daily 3.3.5
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Collapse Program Operation
    Icon Usage
   Expand Initial Setup
   Expand Viewing Calendars
   Expand Adding Calendar Events
   Expand Recurring Events
   Expand Using Resource Management
   Expand Exporting Data
   Collapse Security and Permissions
       Security Overview
       Permissions for Anonymous Users
       Example Security Configuration 1 - A Public School
       Example Security Configuration 2 - A Corporate Sales Organization
      Collapse Permissions for Connect Daily
          Calendar Permissions
          Item Types, Resource Types, Resource Groups Permissions
          Resource Permissions
          Users and Groups
          System Wide Permissions
      Expand Security Management Tools
       Commonly Asked Questions About Security
   Expand EMail Notifications and Reminders
   Expand Advanced Editing Features
    Item List Screen
   Expand System Utilities
    Printing Issues
Expand Hosted Version Operation
Expand Frequently Asked Questions
Expand Customizing Calendar Appearance
Expand Internationalization and Localization
Expand Installation and Upgrading
 Appendix A - Software Installation Checklist
 Appendix B - Section 508 Accessibility
Expand Glossary of Terms